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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Quilled flower

I just had a break from blogging to catch up with other work. I also managed to practice my quilling. I love rolling the paper strips but to actually form a design was another matter. I found the gluing quite fiddly, made a few boo boos but luckily it didn't leave any marks on the background. I also managed to pour glue all over my work space! Anyways here is the finished card, hope you like it. My inspiration came from Daydeams.
Suganthi is an amazing quiller and so very creative. She had a great tutorial for the quilled flower. I enjoy her blog very much.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two little girls AC014

Here are two little girls all dressed up and going somewhere. Bought this stamp because I loved their dresses  and of course they are cute. Stamp is by About Art Accents. I came across the ribbon with purple roses by chance and decided it was a useful standby. Its very pretty, should have bought more. I thought the verse suited the image. The lattice border is done with a Martha Stewart punch.
 Size: 14.8 x 14.8

Monday, 19 July 2010

Lin Greeting Cards July 2010 Blog Giveaway

Here's another giveaway by Lin. I'm hoping I'll be lucky this time. Would really really love to have the heart card as its so gorgeous. And the beaded bookmark sounds lush. Lin's making different colour schemes so that's even better. It takes time and effort to organize giveaways so I appreciate it very much. Thanks Lin for the generous offer. Be quick and check out Lin's blog for more details, you'll be sorry if you miss it. Closing date is 31st July. See pics below. For Lin's blog  Click Here

My first quilled card!

I had a fun time trying paper quilling these last few days. At times it was frustrating as I just couldn't coil the paper strips. Trouble is I was so impatient to make a card with it and we all know rushing doesn't work. After I had settled down I really enjoyed it and found it strangely calming. The one thing that helped me alot was a quilling board that I had bought  a few years ago but never got round to using. Making similar sized coils became so much easier.
When it came to forming the flowers, I found it very tricky and fiddly. Just couldn't keep it from moving so I knew where to place the glue. After much frustration, I used a cork mat with a piece of silicon paper so glue won't stick, to place the design and pin it down. I could have used the back of the quilling board but by then I had so many coils and bits of paper on it that it was simpler to rummage in my kitchen drawer for the mat. I used pins to hold down the silicon paper as it kept curling up.
Once I had the flowers done (the purple flower on the mat was for practice) came the exciting part - making the card. I wanted a background that looked soft and delicate to show off the flowers. So here it is.
What do you think? Would love to hear some tips from experienced quillers. To everyone who hasn't tried quilling, I would say go for it. Its fun and the results are stunning.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sweetie cards AC012 & AC013

I just can't stop making these little girl cards. They are sooo cute and a dream to colour with any medium. Whenever I want to relax I reach for my prismas or distress inks and start colouring. For this reason I have a box full of stamped images which is quite handy. Mind you, since I started learning quilling its fast becoming my No. 2 relaxation - there's something about rolling those strips of paper (I know its sad isn't it? ;-)  Coming soon Quilled Cards! You must check out the quillers (is that the right word?) on the sidebar - they produce some amazing work and are a true inspiration.

Top image is by Mo's Digital Pencil Too and the other is a Sugar Nellie stamp. Thanks for looking.

                                                            AC012 Size: 14.4 x 14.4cm

                                                       AC013 Size: 13.5 x 13.5cm

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Birdie card B005

I had a request for a 60th birthday card for a guy who liked birds. Luckily I had a stamp I could use as there wasn't much time to make it. The stamp is by Stampendous. I really liked the colour combination of light blue/black. What do you think?

 Size:21 x 10.5cm, Remake possible.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Easel Card AC012

Here is a fun card to do. Very simple as well. Want to try it? For instructions Click Here
I coloured the image with distress inks then it was just a matter of choosing the layers. You need to add a border, embellishments or other decorations so the front piece can be propped up. Folds flat for posting so its great.

Size: 10.9 x 13.9cm

Baby Jumpers

I've been busy today trying out these cute knitting patterns. Its so easy and fast. To be honest I've had the patterns for ages but never got round to it. At the time it was all the rage, so many cardmakers were making them! Although its a small thing, I feel a sense of achievement.  I've been collecting loads of projects both on paper and saved on my pc for some time. Always wondered if I will ever get to do them. When I was working full time it was tough balancing time for everything that needed to be done. Now that I've a bit more time, I'm gradually going through my 'To Try" file. So anyways, here are the 2 cards, thanks for looking. If you want to try them as well, instructions are below.

                                                      NB002, Size 13.5x 13.5cm

                                                           NB003, Size 13.5 x 13.5cm

Jumper pattern - Cast on 9 stitches. 1st row k2, p1 to end. 2nd row k2, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k2; 3rd row Purl; 4th row Knit; 5th row Purl; 6th row Knit; 7th row Purl; 8th row Knit into 1st stitch and cast on 4 sts. Knit to end (13 sts); 9th row Knit into 1st stitch and cast on 4 sts. Purl to end (17 sts); 10th row Knit, 11 row Purl 8 slip next 9 sts onto one cocktail stick. Slip the rest of the stitches onto the 2nd cocktail stick. Enjoy!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Vintage AC011

Hello, I'm back after a few days break. Its nice to have a break but I find it disturbs the flow and its hard to get back to crafting/blogging. I want to share this card I made a while back. As sometimes happens, I was just playing with my stamp and suddenly it all came together. Its lovely when this happens as its usually a quick card which means I haven't spend time contemplating the design. Actually my cat helped me, no kidding. I left the layout on my desk while I made a cup of tea. When I got back my cat had moved the main image and it did look better in its new place! My cat, Ally is a genius!

I used soft colours on the lady. The cuttlebug embossed layer has been lightly sponged with ink. Added a bit of lace and punched border. I liked how it turned out.

Size: 16.4 x 12.7cm

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Blog Candy from Wild Orchid Crafts

Oh wow take a look at this! I so want them all. I love using flowers on my cards but you can't always get nice ones so these will be very handy. This sure is generous candy. It closes on Sunday 11th July so hurry. Keeping my fingers crossed. For more details:  Click Here


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