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Monday, 19 July 2010

My first quilled card!

I had a fun time trying paper quilling these last few days. At times it was frustrating as I just couldn't coil the paper strips. Trouble is I was so impatient to make a card with it and we all know rushing doesn't work. After I had settled down I really enjoyed it and found it strangely calming. The one thing that helped me alot was a quilling board that I had bought  a few years ago but never got round to using. Making similar sized coils became so much easier.
When it came to forming the flowers, I found it very tricky and fiddly. Just couldn't keep it from moving so I knew where to place the glue. After much frustration, I used a cork mat with a piece of silicon paper so glue won't stick, to place the design and pin it down. I could have used the back of the quilling board but by then I had so many coils and bits of paper on it that it was simpler to rummage in my kitchen drawer for the mat. I used pins to hold down the silicon paper as it kept curling up.
Once I had the flowers done (the purple flower on the mat was for practice) came the exciting part - making the card. I wanted a background that looked soft and delicate to show off the flowers. So here it is.
What do you think? Would love to hear some tips from experienced quillers. To everyone who hasn't tried quilling, I would say go for it. Its fun and the results are stunning.


  1. yeah! congrat ally!! at last you manage to quill. oh im so jelous you have all the quilling tools. i only have shredder :'(

    btw, the cards really looks soft and ladies. a bit english style. realy calm ^^

    can't wait to see more! ^^

  2. Thanks As, hey I think you've gone past needing tools! If you can quill with your hands what more can I say! Board is handy for learners but I would think when you're experienced you can judge the size pretty well without any help. When I was in the UK, crafty things were much cheaper and easily found so I managed to build up my stash. Glad you like my attempt, I need alot of practice!

  3. Ally! Way to go girl! So happy to see you doing quilling too! It would be nice to see more quilling creations from you in future. The quilling tool you have there is so cool!!

  4. Thanks Lin. Working on it but I also have so many rubber stamps that are crying out to be used! Quilling is good for the soul :) And I have the inspiration from your blog too!

  5. Hi Shanti,

    The quilling is gorgeous! It's the secure fact that you could never go wrong with quilling that hooked me in the first place. Keep it up okay! :)

    p/s you can also use polystyrene plate to hold the quilled shapes as glue wont stick on it.

  6. Thanks Miyyah, that's a great tip.xx


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