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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Paper quilling Basic Shapes & Techniques tutorial

As a beginner to paper quilling techniques, I have been using a split head tool to make my paper coils. I noticed that my coil centres are not very tidy which makes the overall effect unprofessional. So I tried to roll the strip just with my fingers like Asmah of  Simple Rhyme but just couldn't get the hang of it. Then I thought perhaps a needle tool might be better. Again I couldn't get the paper to roll properly. As always, I searched youtube to see if there was a simple tutorial. I was lucky to find the tutorial below by Claire Sunok Choi (paper6262). I have tried this method and it works! Using a tweezer to control the coil is such a good idea. Now my coil centres are so neat and its really fast to do as well. Claire has also done other videos which are equally good. Hope you find this video helpful.


  1. ally, i actually roll the strips just as what in the video! :D the difference is regardless of using tweezer, i control the strip by using the other hand :) this way really makes the quilling process faster. anyway, thank you for sharing the video ^^ sometime i don't know how to teach my friend the way i quill. maybe i should slow down when i show to them ;) hehi

  2. Thanks, I will try without the tweezer and see the differencexx


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