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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Iris Folding

I thought I would try out Iris Folding for a change. For those who have not heard about this, Iris Folding is a paper folding technique that originated in Holland. It is done with coloured strips of folded paper and a template/pattern. You will need an aperture that fits your template/pattern. The strips of folded paper are taped into placed over the pattern, creating a spiralling design that apparently resembles the iris of an eye or camera. Although basic Iris Folding is simple, you can get stunning results from the choice of paper used. Just check online and you will see thousands of beautiful examples. Some experienced crafters have taken it a step higher and created very intricate designs that are a bit more involved.

To begin, I chose a heart pattern that I downloaded from Gemscottage. The most difficult part was cutting the aperture. It is possible to buy ready cut apertures of various patterns but sadly I have not come across them in Malaysia yet. Lay the aperture card over the pattern with the wrong side facing you. Fix to the pattern with tape. I cut the papers about 24mm wide (length can be as long as the paper you are using). Then fold the paper into two, using a bone folder to give a crisp neat edge.

Turn your card over to the wrong side and tape to pattern

Pattern visible through aperture, sorry for the bad photo
 After that it is a matter of following the numbers on the pattern. Take a folded strip and place on the first section, the folded edge should be against the line of the pattern. Trim each end of the strip so that there is a bit of overlap over the edge of the aperture, about 5mm on either side. Fix the strip to the card with small pieces of tape at each end. Work around the pattern adding the different strips in sequence until your design is complete.

Oops, the photo above is what I did in the beginning before I realised that I must add the strips in sequence ie do all the lines numbered 1a, 1b, 1c first, followed by the 2a, 2b,2c, then the third sections and so on. I peeled the strips off and started again but forgot to take a photo. Sorry!

All strips added, square piece of paper stuck over the centre
The small hole left in the middle of the design can be covered with a flat piece of paper in a colour of your choice. Once completed, you will need to stick a piece of paper or card over it so it is nice and tidy. By the way, you can either cut the aperture directly on the greeting card or you can do it on a separate card and then mount the completed design on the front of your greeting card. Now turn over to see the completed design.
This is what it looks like on the front
I will add some embellishments to finish off the card. Will post when completed. I think it will make a nice wedding card. Hope you enjoyed this and you give Iris Folding a try. It is quite relaxing. Don't forget to look at the gorgeous examples on the web, you will be amazed. Loads of free patterns available as well - thanks to generous crafters. Thanks for popping by! xx


  1. nice sharing ally, last time i went to bookstore, i found this one iris folding's craft book. inside there is a lot of free pattern to be try. pattern paper can add more sensation to the card. but i never thought about using plain colour like yours. it's nice! ^__^

    can't wait for the finish card of yours.

  2. Thanks As, I saw a similar book recently as well. Quite nice papers. xx

  3. thanks for sharing this! a gorgeous way to add pizzaz to a card! i might give this a try someday :)

  4. Great work! This I am going to try for sure.

  5. hey kak ally, love how versatile simple things can be. letak2,lipat2,gam2, wah..cantik :)

  6. Thanks Shirl, Suganthi and Adrenalin for taking the time to give feedback!

  7. Ally, thanks for sharing. Will try it soonest, :)

  8. You're welcome Khalmuz, thanks for visiting!xx


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