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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm back

Hello readers, after a break which included a short trip to Singapore, I'm back to blogging. To Malaysian readers, a belated happy merdeka day (independance day) for yesterday. Hope everyone had a great day whatever you were doing.

As for my trip to our neighbour, I had a chance to check out a few craft shops namely Spotlight, Made with Love and Papermarket (all located in Plaza Singapura). The latter two had a good variety of scrapbooking materials but a bit pricey. They did have some amazing layouts on display so I spent a bit of time browsing. Spotlight usually have some bargains but unfortunately this time there was none. However, I did manage to check out a great ribbon shop as recommended by some bloggers.  Kin Soon in Arab Street (nearest MRT is Bugis) had a huge selection of all sorts of ribbons including my favourite grosgrain ribbon. Although bloggers said you could buy reels for Sin$1.50, I didn't see any. The cheapest was about Sin$2.15 but you did get nearly 20yds which is so good. As I was running out of the currency, I only managed to buy a few reels. Next time I go I will be sure to get some more.
The silver strand was really cheap, they should be useful for Christmas and wedding cards. If you love ribbons, it is worth a visit to Kin Soon.

I also have a sweet card to share. Don't you think this kid is super cute? I coloured this digital image by Mo of  Digital Pencil Too, with watercolours.This card will be great for children.

Thanks for visiting my blog and take care!xx


  1. I love the bright paper you have used and the colouring of the image is perfect. I agree will be great for a kid.


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