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Monday, 6 September 2010

Oriental cards

Here are 2 oriental cards I made recently. I do enjoy oriental themes although its hard to achieve the clean and simple look. In the first card I used a stamp from About Art Accents, stamped in 3 different shades of green. Added a little coin (sorry don't know what the chinese characters mean) but its a nice accent.

In the 2nd card I stamped the koi in pond stamp by Elusive Images on transparency (acetate sheet) then coloured the koi with irridescent paints. This was layered on a light blue mottled paper which I thought gave a watery feel to the card. Attached the acetate to the card with eyelets. I love the way it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like these two cards.


  1. You are amazingly versatile.The second one is so unique ,I liked it a lot!

  2. Your stamps are so pretty! What kind of ink is suitable to be stamped on acetate sheets? This is something new to me...so lovely!!

  3. Thanks Suganthi, the Koi card is my all time fave as well. I was just playing with acetate and ink and it turned out so well - don't you love it when this happens.

  4. Thanks Lin, the best ink is Stazon which is permanent dye ink. You can get it in craft stores in Msia. Stamping on acetate can be a bit hit and miss because the stamp does slide quite easily when stamping but you get better with practice (which I don't do enough!). But the results can be stunning. Hope you have a chance to try this technique, any Q pls ask.xx

  5. Thanks Ally! Will try to find it if ever I go to KL this year. Thanks so much...I'll be sure to ask you more once I give it a try! hehe! Good job Ally! It's so nice to see a different craft technique! :)

  6. Thanks Lin, I'll be popping into some craft stores in 1Utama next week. I will check out the ink pad for you. Have a great Raya!

  7. Love your Koi card! I've tried stamping on acetate before and its really cool... I haven't tried colouring an image that's on acetate before though... must give that a try!

    Tried to read what's on the coin... (not that I can read chinese very well anyway..but if I'm not mistaken it has to do about wealth...not surprising since it's a coin, LOL!

    Have a great holiday!

  8. Thanks Shirl, you must be right about the words - lol! Happy holidays to you too xx


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