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Tuesday 20 September 2011

It's good to be back!

Hello readers, I am back after a long break. Apologies to those who faithfully check on my blog. Due to work and family commitments, I just didn't have time for blogging. I've been feeling terribly guilty for forsaking my blog :( I started out with such good intentions, then life got in the way. My online shop was also causing more work than I anticipated so I have closed it whilst I sort myself out. In any case, blogging is more fun and interactive although I still have to discipline myself and make the time. Today, I've made myself sit down in front of my pc and write so here I am. I promise I will make it a point to visit all my fave blogs which I have been neglecting.

During my break, I 'met' a lovely young lady who just happened to chance upon my blog and commissioned a couple of cards. Here is one of them, which was for her mum's birthday. She wanted some quilling and pastel colours. Bearing in mind that my quilling is a bit rusty, I decided to stick to some simple quilling. Me and quilling have a strange relationship - when I do quill, I enjoy it very much and wonder why I don't do more. When I don't quill for awhile, I think I won't go back to it. I think part of the problem is that I enjoy stamping more and have yet to use many of the stamps in my stash.

I decided on an easel card so it can be displayed and luckily I had some pastel quilling strips in my stash. It turned out really pretty and I had a happy customer. I also made a little box to fit and decorated it with printed paper and ribbon. Hope you enjoy this card. Please leave a comment so I know you've stopped by! Thanks.


  1. Lovely colours! you are back with a quilling card, Very nice:)

  2. hey hey!! you're back! that quilling thing overwhelms me - i think only very patient people can do that....love all your cards.

  3. Thanks Suganthi for dropping by!

    Tree-shades, I'm touched you still check out my blog, thanks! I'll visit yours soon.

  4. Good to have you back :) Love the quilled easel card. Just lovely.

    p/s: If u still remember me :). The one who got a piece of your handmade note book.


  5. Thanks Khalmuz, of course I remember you!

  6. Thrilled to have you back! And thanks for stopping by my blog too :) I'm trying to sort out some stuff myself, and hopefully I'll be back blogging soon.

    I love quilled easel card, its absolutely elegant... I'm pretty sure the recipient of the card (the mum) will be so happy to receive it too :)

    Take care!

  7. Welcome back, Allycat! These lavender-quilled cards are just lovely! I also love your gorgeous stamped cards. Hopefully you will have time to update your blog on a regular basis (then I'll get to see more lovely cards..lol!) Cheers!

  8. Hi....
    I think the card came out really nice. I love it. Super cute. Flowers look so good.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks pattieboo, I miss your comments, always so encouraging!

  10. Bingo card, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  11. What a wonderful card,I love the image and the colors.So gorgeous papers and the details.
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    scratch cards

  12. Hi Rizwan, thanks for stopping by and for your compliments


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