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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Little Cards

I have been trying out different designs for my Xmas orders. Here are a few that I enjoyed making. Someone out there in the blogging world once showcased a little card made with a die cut shape and that was my inspiration. The finished card is only about 10cm by 9.5cm and very cute! As I made about 6 in a row, it was quite easy working out an assembly line and was so much quicker than completing one at a time. My inspiration for the red quilled card came from As at Simplerhyme and Miyyah.
They are two fab quillers who have shared some wonderful quilling.

Thanks for visiting!xx


  1. ally i really envy you. your cards always look simple but presented elegantly!. did you cut the cards by using cuttlebug? oh how i wish i could have one! ;)

    these christmas cards, all of them are very pretty! ^__^

  2. Thanks As, yes I used the CB. If you want CB die cuts, email me, I don't have much but you're welcome to the ones I have.

  3. oh, how generous you are! :D perhaps i can buy some patterns from you when i need it. i'll surely email you as soon as i'm back to making cards again. thank you!! ^____^

  4. Ally I love the one with Holiday Wishes on it ! Perfect !

    Azilah :)

  5. Dear Ally,

    Sweet and totally awesome. I love them :)

    One Q: Are those cards two-fold? I mean you used CB right? How to make a two-fold card as CB cuts papers individually? TQ so much.


  6. Thanks Khalmuz and Ila!

    Khalmuz - Yes, the cards are 2-fold, i know you have CB so I'll take a pic of how to and post soon ok?

    As honey, no need to pay me-lah, its nothing much so juz let me know when you want it.

    Hugs to all, keep crafting!

  7. Ally,

    TQ so much. U r kind :). yes I do have CB but still new in using that thing.

  8. Nice quilling Shanti and I am most impressed with your tight coils.

  9. Thanks Suganthi, nice to get praise from an expert!


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