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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Origami Christmas Trees

Just recovered from a bad cold so not much blogging done and lots to catch up on. I noticed that in the past I would make cards and they sit in a box, sometimes they get given away but mostly they are hoarded. Now with my blog there's a chance to share my work, obviously my style may not be everyone's cup of tea. But for me the main thing is having the confidence to share. And if it inspires just one person, I'm glad. So I find that I show my cards here not just hoping someone would buy them but more to boost my confidence. It almost gives a sense of purpose. Is this true for other crafters? I have learnt so much from tutorials and been inspired by other crafters' work, where will I be if no one shared their knowledge or work? When I was in the UK there was always craft shows I could go to for ideas and inspiration (not forgetting maxing out my credit cards!) but now the internet is my main source of inspiration. So I should say thank you to all who have shared their work and for taking the time to do tutorials. Before you get bored, here are a couple of origami christmas tree cards.
Might do more of these as they are quick to make. Working out the colour combination and the background is harder. If you want to know how to do one,  Click Here. There are written and video instructions to follow.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow! ally honestly deep from my heart both are very beautiful! i love them ♥ =) cuz i love origami! ^^ i agree with you, what matters is confident to share. for me craft is art, art is beauty and beauty is abstract. neat of your work is additional advantange ;) and you have both beauty in your craft and neatness.

    another thing i agree with you also is as crafters, yes we does not only hope someone will buy it. but what matters is our personal satisfaction and at least one people love them; including ourself :P heheh. if it not being sold, still we can keep it as our collection. and i think, having a collection of our hand made is very important. it will be our precious treasure after 10,20,30 ++ years in future! ;)

    hope you getting better from cold. take care ally! ♥

  2. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link for the tutorial. I loved both the backgrounds that you have used, though I am partial to the second one.

  3. As - thanks, you are so right, personal satisfaction is what keeps me going, I love what you say about our work being a treasure, what a lovely thoughtx

    Suganthi - you're welcome and thanks for the lovely commentx

  4. Ally i heart this one a lot !!


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