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Monday, 4 October 2010

Shop Launch today

Hello readers. Today is the launching of my online shop. Its something I've wanted to do and its now become a reality. The site is still a work in progress so there will be changes and improvements all the time as new products are added. I am looking forward to doing lots of paper crafting projects and the shop has given me an incentive to continue learning and enjoying this wonderful hobby.  I've loaded a banner on the sidebar on the right which will link you to Paper-Frills.com. Please have a look and leave a comment on this post. To celebrate, the first 5 readers to leave a comment will get a hand crafted prize. 5 is my lucky number! If you're one of the first 5, email your full name and address to me. Thanks for visiting.


  1. hai,

    love all your cards, very unique and beautiful.... congratulation for your new online shop. hope things will be good for you.


  2. A big congrats to you on the official opening of your online shop! :) Hope to see your store grow with more products soon!

  3. YAY! Congratulations, you finally took this to another level! I'm wondering how come the booklets are cheaper than the cards when they look like more effort? But it's gonna take me some time to figure out how to view everything, hahahahahahh! (when I click to enlarge, it doesn't. Or do I have to wait longer?

  4. Dear Ally,

    Congrats on the opening of your online shop. M happy for you. A good platform to share your creativity in paper crafting and to inspire others to venture into such hobby. ALL THE BEST, :).

  5. Hullo Allycat,

    CONGRATS! CONGRATS! Glad you're taking this to greater heights... Am posting 2 of your cards (which I purchased earlier) to my sister in Australia (she's also another lover of handcrafted gifts) and to our pal, Carol, in Sequim (she loves all things in shades of lavender!) Can't wait to see more of your cards, especially for CHRISTMAS! ;)

  6. oh i'm late already. anyhow, congrats ally! ;)

  7. Congrats Shanti,looks like I missed your give away.

  8. Thanks for your support girls, much appreciated. Its quite a task keeping the site updated and ensuring all the correct information is there. Its going to be a good learning curve for me who loves to procrastinate all the time! Don't forget to email your full name and address, send to: paperfrills@gmail.com

    ps Tree shades and pattieboo, will be in touch soon, sorry internet is very slow at the mo and is driving me up the wall!


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